Hotot twitter client on OpenBSD

I use Hotot on my linux setup everyday, it’s the best twitter client on Linux for me, even if it is not well maintained (maybe polly will surpass hotot a day…)

But Hotot is not available on OpenBSD ! (yes, I use it too, on -current). A port existed on openbsd-wip github repository, but since it submission on, it diseappeared from openbsd-wip and never been accepted on official ports.

So I retrieved the last Makefile from openbsd-wip git history and adapt it for latest Hotot version. Source is the zip version from this git revision (latest on 2013-09-09)

The short version (maybe this works only on -current):

    Hotot- ok    

Et voila :)

To compile it locally (e.g for openbsd5.3) :

    In your /etc/mk.conf, add /home/user/build/ to your PORTSDIR_PATH variable
    mkdir /home/user/build/net/
    cd /home/user/build/net/
    tar -tzf Hotot-build.tar.gz
    cd hotot
    make install

Enjoy :-)