Share on Wallabag from Netvibes

Update 2014/30/01 : Poche is now Wallabag ! (see the blog for more informations). A WAAS (Wallabag As A Service) is available on Framabag :)


Wallabag is an open source self hosted read-it-later app, like pocket, readability… So you can install it on your server, or use it via wallabag hosting.

With the new Share on Netvibes, you can add unlisted web services. Go to your account share options, clic on “Add a custom link”, and complete with needed parameters. For example, to share on Wallabag demo service :

Name : Wallabag
Url :${url}
Icon Url:

Share on Netvibes

Save, and go back to your dashboard. Now you can share to your Wallabag instance !

Share on Netvibes

Et voilà :)